Texas adventures

So earlier this year we went to visit Matt’s grandparents and dad in Texas.  They live on  a farm and it is so beautiful!  There was a pond with fish to feed, a golf cart to ride, and puppies.. As you can imagine the boys were in HEAVEN.  Micah had a hard time saying golf cart so he called it a dars cart haha He would ask for rides multiple times a day.

Anyway here are a couple of my favorite pictures (I have about a thousand more haha) I am always struck by how green it is there!! 1436b



Mesa Arch

Mesa arch is pretty much the last thing we saw on this trip to Moab.  I’ve seen so many amazing pictures of sunrises through this arch.  We were there right in the middle of the day, but maybe I’ll get a cool sunrise picture here someday.

Mason was so funny while we were here he just drove his little car around the rocks the whole time!! that kid traveled all over the place with his little car and he was so serious about it.  So funny.



Moonflower Canyon and Wind Caves

After the fiery furnace we went over and did a little hike up Moonflower Canyon.  It’s a super pretty and super easy little hike that ends with a cool pond.  It was perfect for the kids and we had a lot of fun!


Matt caught a frog on the way up.  Micah didn’t want to touch it, but as soon as Matt held it out to Mason he grabbed it! haha


After moonflower we went on a side by side ride over Hurrah Pass and on the other side we ran into this sign that said adventure base camp.  Obviously we had to check it out!  We met the owner and he was really cool.  He had a tortoise that he would take on a walk every day.  He told us about these wind caves and we went and checked them out.


The wind caves were so cool! We had fun checking them out and exploring them.  We had quite the day that day! So much fun.


The Fiery Furnace

One thing we wanted to do in Moab was the fiery furnace in Arches.  But you have to get a permit to go in and little kids can’t go in so we weren’t sure if it’d work out.  We went one morning to see about permits and they were all gone, but we went later that day and some were open for the next day! So we got them and mom and dad watched our kids while we went and checked it out.

It was possibly our favorite part of the trip, that place is SO COOL! But also a little scary, cause you get lost so easy! They put up signs to try and direct you, but they don’t help haha Luckily I had Matt and he is super amazing with directions and all that and he got us in and out.  My parents went after us and they spent like six hours in there and never found what we saw.  That made me super sad!! I wish we could have all gone together.  But I’m also glad we didn’t take kids.  There was lots of scrambling and if you did get lost it would be way scarier with kids.

Can you spot us? 

One of the first things we saw was this cool slot canyon with an arch in it! An arch inside of a slot?? My two favorite things combined! haha seriously so cool.



After that little adventure we headed out to try and find this big canyon that we could see on the map.  We did a ton of scrambling trying to get to it, but nothing was working.  We were starting to wonder if we could make it over there when we found a way!


The place we went into next was just breath taking.  Red sand, red cliff, and then the greenest trees and bushes all throughout.  The light in there was so cool, it’s like it was reflecting off all the red walls and making the light kind of red everywhere.. I don’t know how to explain it, but it was magical.


We hiked around in there for a while and then headed back to camp.  On the way out we found out there was a way to get to where we were that was super easy haha but it was so hard to find! That place is crazy and we didn’t even scratch the surface.  We will definitely go back someday!


A strider ride to Broken Arch

Sand Dune arch and broken arch are in the same area (and they share a parking lot) After we got done with Sand dune arch we wanted to let the kids ride their striders on a trail since going to Sand dune arch was mostly sand.. So we headed down to broken arch. I don’t think we were really planning on going all the way to the arch, but the kids were having so much fun! And let’s be honest, we were having a ton of fun watching them.  Also Everyone that passed got a kick out of our little biker gang.


It was so funny how the boys would get so distracted by every little side trail (that was never really a trail haha) and any other thing that looked like they might could ride their bikes on it.


They needed help in a couple of places, but we were pretty impressed by how good they did!


Getting help from Uncle Luke gets pretty exciting! 

Once we got there we lined the kids up and it was so freaking cute that I just have to share a bunch of these pictures..


Matt and I were so busy geeking out over our strider gang that my parents took turns carrying Mason.. They are the best! The little cutie couldn’t handle the excitement and fell asleep.. So I put my camera away and helped carry him on the way back.

That little strider ride was one of the highlights of the trip for Matt and I.  So fun!!


Sand Dune Arch

On our second day in Moab we decided to head to Arches National park in hopes that we could beat some of the crowds that would be coming that weekend.  No such luck, the line to get in was clear out to the freeway.  The good news is that since the line was so long they let us in for free! And once we were actually in the park the crowds weren’t bad at all.

We headed to Sand dune arch, but on the way we got a little side track at a pull off


After we got done exploring we headed to the sand dune arch.  We let the kids ride their striders.. It was so cute! They had to go through a little slot canyon and some super deep sand, it was pretty exciting!


They ditched their striders after a little while of going through the sand because it was basically impossible!  We made it to the arch (which was like .3 miles haha) and played in the sand for a while and took turns climbing around on the rocks.


Once again the sand was SO soft and warm and so much fun to play in! I swear Southern Utah has the best sand I have ever felt haha

On the way out Micah got a little tired..


Sand Dune arch was way fun! It only took a couple minutes to get to it so it was super kid friendly.  The arch was cool, and the kids loved all the sand!


Moab! Day 1

We had such a great time in Moab with my mom and dad and two of my brothers a couple weeks ago! I’m a little intimidated by the crazy amount of photos that I have to go through, but I’m going to do my best to go through them and get some posts up haha

We drove up to Moab on Wednesday, when we got there we headed straight to a trail called Poison Spider.  We piled into the side-by-side and took off! Not gonna lie, it was super scary! This kind of ATV-ing (is that the right word for this? haha) is really not my thing.. But dad was sweet and let us get off during the REALLY scary parts


At one point we drove through a bunch of sand and it was too much to resist! We stopped and let the kids play and they were LOVING it! The softest red sand you ever did see.


After the sand we came to a spot where the view was so cool!


I just love the combination of the snowy mountains in the background of the red rocks. SO cool.  So we hiked out a little ways to get a better look.



After that little adventure we headed to our campground and spent the rest of the day setting up camp and making dinner and stuff like that.. In the mean time Micah and his cousins had a blast riding their balance bikes!


They were so cute and had such a blast together!

My favorite was when they all randomly ganged up on this little girl. haha they just went over and surrounded her, but she didn’t seem to mind.


It was a pretty great and chill first day!