Pineview Reservior

I almost forgot to make a post about Pineview Reservoir! It was one of my favorite trips this summer! (we went at the very end of June) We camped Friday night and on Saturday we rode the coolest trail as a family.  Micah rode a bunch of it on his Strider, but when he got tired we put him in the trailer and strapped the strider to the trailer.

After our ride we went and did a little hike and then played in a stream.. After the stream we went and found our own little private beach and ate food and played in the water.  We went home that day in time to go to the stadium of fire! A very full and amazing weekend!!





Albion Basin

We went up to Albion Basin two different times in July.  The wildflowers up there are INSANE! We couldn’t get enough! The second time we went there was a big storm so we waited in our car and jumped out for a few minutes while it wasn’t raining. It turned out pretty awesome though cause we got a little bit of a rainbow in our family picture!





Salt Flats

Back in July we were headed to Nevada and didn’t have the kids because my parents had taken them earlier that day.  So It was a little road trip date! We stopped and took some pictures on the salt flats. Something I’ve always wanted to do, but we never actually take the time to stop.



The flag over Grove Creek

So they unfurled this huge flag over Grove Creek Canyon on the fourth of July and left it up for a week or so.  We went up a couple days after the fourth to check it out some more and take some pictures.


It looks like Micah’s bugging Mason, but he’s actually just trying to take a picture with him haha


And what is the 4th without sparklers?? Except this was several days after since Matt was so sick on the 4th.


4th of July!

The Fourth of July this year was so great! It didn’t go quite as we planned though..  That morning we went up to Grove Creek Canyon where they did a ceremony to unfurl the biggest flag flown on American soil! At least that’s what I heard… I’m not 100% positive on that info, but true or not, this flag was HUGE!

It was cool to be there for the ceremony and everything.  Micah learned how to put his hand over his heart which was the cutest.. After it was over we stayed and played in the creek while we waited for the crowds to die down.  As we were waiting Micah decided to take us on a hike up the stream! Meaning he literally hiked through the water as we walked on the side and crossed back and forth trying to keep up with him. He was cruising!

So we hiked up the stream and got some cool views of the flag. After that we hiked through the foot hills and found some left over candy bomber candy! We also found a tree house and hung out in there for a while.  It was a great morning and we had fun just wandering around and being together.  The only problem was that it was HOT.  When we got home Matt got hit hard with heat stroke.

He was real sick for pretty much the rest of the day. Poor guy! We had plans to go watch fireworks and what not, but instead we stayed home and watched movies.  That night the kids were wiped, so I put them to bed early and me and Matt decided to climb up onto the roof and watch fireworks.  And it turned out to be one of my favorite parts of the day! You could see fireworks going off all over the valley and it was SO COOL! So what could have been a real bummer actually turned out to be the start of what may end up being my favorite tradition.



Tibble Fork

So Tibble Fork has been under construction for a while and so when we heard that it was done this summer we had to go check it out! (this was in June)  We really loved it! Our favorite part was that they brought in a bunch of sand, the boys had a blast playing in the sand.  Matt built a castle and then a river with a big pit and a damn, and then Micah would bring up bucket fulls of water and fill up their little reservoir.  Then they would break the damn and watch the water race down and wreck their castle.  They did this over and over!


Can’t beat that view!!


Trying to distract Mason from ruining his game hahaha


The faces he made while carrying that heavy bucket of water were KILLING me!



A Birthday Ride

This year for Matt’s birthday we went for a family bike ride.  I have no idea if the trail has a name, but it’s on the way to Cascade Springs.. As you will see in these pictures it is CRAZY green and pretty in early June! It’s pure magic up there!

We went up with the intent to get straight to riding bikes, but Micah wasn’t having it.  He needed to throw rocks into the water! So Mason and Matt went up and down the trail while me and Micah threw a million rocks off the bridge.


Finally we told Micah it was time to ride already! He still wasn’t into it, and preferred to run along side of us haha but eventually we got him tired out enough to finally get into the trailer.  It wasn’t a super long ride, but it was so pretty and such fun family time!